About In-Silico Sciences, Inc.

Company Name: In-Silico Sciences Inc.

President: Kinji Fuchikami

Director: Katsuichiro Komatsu

Director: Tsuyoshi Matsuki

Director: Marina Unno

Auditor: Hiroshi Hishinuma

Foundation: November 26, 2003

Reorganization to a stock company: June 13, 2003

Capital: 20,112,000 yen

Our Aim: Our main aim is to contribute to the society by returning academic knowledge, especially by providing softwares that predict tertiary structures of proteins, drug design technology, and data bases of protein 3-D structures, which have been developed over 20 years by a group in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kitasato University led by Professor Hideaki Umeyama, to domestic and international academic institutions and private companies. We also intend to create a new academic paradigm and a new industry, as a leader of the epoch of the post-genome sequencing.

Main Business:

  1. To give licenses of the softwares (PDFAMS) for predicting protein structures, and drug design.
  2. To give licenses of the database of protein structures of more than one million species, obtained with PDFAMS.
  3. To bear intellectual properties in the fields of designing drugs, agricultural chemicals, and industrial enzymes, where the structure of proteins is the most important, by using PDFAMS Extra (this software has excellent records in CAFASP, a biennial international competition of prediction of protein structures), mainly by collaborating with companies and academic institutions.

Products and Services:

  • Custom modeling services of protein structures and ligands
  • Sales of protein structure
  • Softwares for predicting tertiary structures of proteins
  • Data base system of tertiary structures of proteins
    The company has already obtained many patents, and plans to apply and obtain more patents.

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