PDFAMS Base : Protein Structure Database

By using the PDFAMS software families, In-Silico Sciences Inc. has constructed 611,485 structural models of 185,549 proteins from 128 species, which have not yet been experimentally determined. These models are integrated in databases, PDFAMS Base(PDB).

The database contains so much useful information such as 4,374 human and 15,764 mouse proteins (as of June 4, 2003).

The structures of proteins that is determined by experiments so far is 21,027 (as of May 20, 2003), therefore the PDFAMS Base contains nearly 30 times more predicted data of protein structures.

The PDFAMS Base is now available on line under JBIC (Japan Biological Information Consortium) Web site since June 4, 2003. In addition to the previous structural data, structural models of GPCR are available since July 18, 2003.

The detail of the Web service can be found at http://www.pdfams.jbic.or.jp (only in Japanese).

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