Custom Modeling Service of Protein Structure

In-Silico Sciences Inc. will provide custom modeling services of protein tertiary structures from your own amino-acid sequences.
Additionally, we can also predict structures of the proteins that are combined with user-specified ligands.

How To Order The Modeling Services

  1. Order form is here.
  2. Fill in all necessary information in the form, and confirm your information in the confirmation page.
  3. Give your file name the amino acid sequence to be modeled. If you have a ligand file (in PDB format) give it as well. Only ASCII text file is acceptable.
  4. Your sequence file will be encrypted by PGP in order to keep your privacy and secret information.
  5. The modeling fee depends on the difficulty of the modeling of your sequence. We will send you our estimate of the difficulty and the modeling fee for your concern. The estimate is free.

    Please send your questions and inquiries from this form.

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