Title: Structure Of Coronavirus Main Proteinase Reveals Combination Of A Chymotrypsin Fold With An Extra alpha- Helical Domain

Compound: Mol_Id: 1; Molecule: Replicase, Hydrolase Domain; Chain: A, B, C, D, E, F; Fragment: Residues 2879-3180; Engineered: Yes

Authors: K. Anand, G. J. Palm, J. R. Mesters, S. G. Siddell, J. Ziebuhr, R. Hilgenfeld

Exp. Method: X-ray Diffraction

Classification: Hydrolase
Source: Transmissible gastroenteritis virus

Primary Citation: Anand, K., Palm, G. J., Mesters, J. R., Siddell, S. G., Ziebuhr, J., Hilgenfeld, R.: Structure of Coronavirus Main Proteinase Reveals Combination of a Chymotrypsin Fold with an Extra Alpha-Helical Domain Embo J. 21 pp. 3213 (2002)