Title: Helicase Substrate Complex

Compound: Mol_Id: 1; Molecule: Helicase Pcra; Chain: A; Ec: 3.6.1.-; Engineered: Yes

Mol_Id: 2; Molecule: DNA (5'- D(GpCpApGpTpGpCpTpCpGpTpTpTpTpT)-3'); Chain: Y; Engineered: Yes

Mol_Id: 3; Molecule: DNA (5'-D(CpGpApGpCpApCpTpGpC)-3'); Chain: Z; Engineered: Yes

Authors: S. S. Velankar, P. Soultanas, M. S. Dillingham, H. S. Subramanya, D. B. Wigley

Exp. Method: X-ray Diffraction

Classification: Hydrolase/DNA EC Number: 3.6.1.-

Source: Bacillus stearothermophilus; synthetic construct

Primary Citation: Velankar, S. S., Soultanas, P., Dillingham, M. S., Subramanya, H. S., Wigley, D. B.: Crystal structures of complexes of PcrA DNA helicase with a DNA substrate indicate an inchworm mechanism. Cell 97 pp. 75 (1999)