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Prediction of protein tertiary structures is an important process in CADD (Computer Aided Drug Design). However, finding accurate structural model is the most difficult task, and thus demands very high skill and deep experience.

In-Silico Sciences Inc. introduces ProteinDiscovery software family, which were originally developed by Professor Hideaki Umeyama (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kitasato University). The core softwares of the family are PDFAMS, homology modelling tools, with many optional modules. This software family offers you various functions and high resolution structural models that are comparable to the prediction by the most experienced experts.

One of the successful outcome of the ProteinDiscovery is the protein structures of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). In-Silico Sciences has started the world's first service to provide the protein structural data in order to promote the studies to develop drugs to treat the deadly respiratory illness and vaccines to prevent the infection.

Tertiary Structure of the RNA Plymerase of SARS virus, obtained by PDFAMS softwares
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What's New

June 11, 2003 Press Release by SGI(US) for the free offer of the protein structure data of the SARS virus
June 4, 2003 FAMSBASE service starts in JBiC Web site
May 30, 2003 A group in University of New Brunswick opens predicted Protease structure of SARS virus in public
May 16 2003 Eidogen Inc. puts tertiary structure of the protease of SARS virus into a public data bank
May 13, 2003 German group publishes the structure of SARS protein in a online journal, "Science Express".
May 12, 2003 Press Release by SGI Japan for the free offer of the protein structure data of the SARS virus
May 9, 2003 Starts the free offer of the protein structure data of the SARS virus
Nov. 26, 2002 Foundation of In-Silico Sciences Inc.

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